Project Phases

PHASE I ~ $20,000
Information gathering trip to Ecuador, equipment procural, networking, PR, media outreach, building financial support.
Time: 1-2 months

Needed: Plane Tickets & Travel Expenses
Editing Equipment, computer, camera, mics, editing software, local video assistant
Create Marketing/PR, Outreach
Hire Legal Representation/Advisor

Results: First draft, prelim photage for “Making-of” documentary, articles published, set up social networking fundraising push.
Next Step: Raise Phase 2 money

PHASE 2 ~ $20,000
Composing, Libretto, translating and Holding a workshop in Ecuador
Time  2 months

Needed: Plane Tickets & Travel Expenses
Hiring a video assistant
Marketing & Development

Results: Finished opera
Next Steps: Submit to opera companies

PHASE 3 ~ $20,000

Submissions, “Making of” DVD/editing and distribution
Time: 8 weeks

Needed: Travel Expenses, editing studio, distribution company
Loooking Ahead:
Premiere of “The Rights of Nature”

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