Letters of Support

Guayaquil, June 2, 2010
To Whom it May Concern:

I am delighted to enthusiastically endorse Nelson Denman Art Project and invite him to visit Ecuador to complete the writing and composition of a musical/opera highlighting and supporting the important work that Ecuador is undertaking towards the protection of Nature. I am confident the project can gain support from Government entities and local Universities.

Congratulations to Nelson on leading this wonderful idea. I will assist him in coordinating meetings throughout Ecuador to discuss what we can do collectively to make this Cultural Performance and Awareness Campaign a dream come true.

Thank you for supporting this very important initiative.
Sincerely,  Ana M. LLopart, General Manager
Hotel Doral, Chile 402 y Aguirre, Guayaquil, Ecuador ~ Tel: 593-4-328-490 ~
Email: reservaciones@hdoral.com  www.hdoral.com

. . .

Nels – Your project sounds so wonderful and we would love to publish anything that comes from it – video/text/music on Wild River Review – I’m going to put all of this together and send it to my friend who has connections in Ecuador.
Joy Stocke, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Wild River Review

. . .

Hi Nelson,

I love your project! Please tell me where I can send you a check.

Also, when it comes time to do the costumes, please consider me. You can see my work at www.RecycleRunway.com . I create couture fashion from trash, and exhibit my work in high traffic airports and museums around the world. Public education about pressing environmental issues is the focus of my work. (One of my garments has been accepted into the Smithsonian’s permanent collection.)

I would love to create garments suited to your opera from related waste materials that might even “transform” during the opera! If you’re interested, we can meet when your back to discuss possibilities.

Best of luck to you!

Nancy Judd, Owner, Recycle Runway