The Story

We begin in a small village at the edge of the vast rainforest. The lives of the villagers are being disrupted by the timber and oil companies, as they are deforesting and polluting the land, water and air that the inhabitants have always held sacred.

By bringing their story, with the indigenous tribes, to the city as a cultural performance piece and then bringing interested city dwellers to the rainforest to see the challenges, they are able to develop a strategy of governance that gives rights to nature, prevents more pollution and over development and helps to conserve and restore the environment and its interconnected cultures.

The story also highlights clean energy, seed saving, organic farming and gardening, and ecosystem protection guidelines that are an attraction to tourists and governments around the world and gives meaning to the youth as stewards of their country.

The characters in the story are able to show the positive energy and beneficial effects of this essential connection to the natural world and all of its healing properties. By reconnecting with the spirits of nature they are able to find true meaning in their lives, conserving, preserving and restoring the integrity of Earth’s ecosystems, and celebrating this connection with their art and culture.