‘Leave the Oil In the Soil’ – a song

Here are the lyrics to a song I just wrote, inspired by the great work of many people in Ecuador and around the world. The chorus is from Accion Ecologia, an Ecuadorian NGO instrumental in helping to preserve the Yasuni National Park.

                                 LEAVE THE OIL IN THE SOIL

Planet heating up, what are we gonna do, knowing we need to shift past oil.

Future generations will thank us, when we leave the oil in the soil.

Cool it down, slow it down, take time to lend a hand.

‘Leave the oil in the soil and the coal in the hole, and the tar sands in the land.’  

A country in South America has a solution for global warming

It’s an ancient path, taught by the masters, called ‘do nothing’ and ‘not harming.’

We’re busy, we’re stressed, we’re overworked, running around all the time.

Step off of the path and into the forest, rest easy in a vortex sublime

Leave the oil in the soil…

From conscious consumers to engaged citizens, got to stand up and claim our power

Our way to freedom our way to balance is to let the green truth flower.

Hey there Huarani tribe living isolated in the jungle

You’ve got a right to live free from modern greed and the great consumerist bungle.

Amend the constitution, give rights to nature, ensure the thrival of us all

Give the ecosystem standing in a court of law, and we evolve beyond the fall

It began with oil spilled on top of the soil, and the people forced to choose

Between a corporate giant from out of town, and a people with everything to loose.

CHORUS: ‘Leave the oil in the soil, The coal in the hole, and the tar sands in the land.’ 3x)


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