Santa Fe Update on “The Rights of Nature”

Thank you all that have supported and encouraged me in this new project! I am very grateful and am looking forward to a great season of composing, filming and writing the folk opera “The Rights of Nature”.

I am presently in Santa Fe, working on the web site and getting ready to go to Ecuador. Donations are coming in. There is a donation button on every page, if you would like to donate, support and be a part of this exciting project.

Learning blogging from Melissa, who is teaching me all kinds of tricks, has opened up a whole new experience on collaboration, new media and communication. I am going to try to blog three times a week to keep you updated. Please keep in touch as I learn how to navigate the blogosphere. 

I am meeting next week with interested friends and potential collaborators who have an interest in the project and have ideas and contacts for me. This is an ideal project if you are looking to support a creative, artistic, environmental  performance piece that has the opportunity to travel the world, and be performed at all levels of society.

Contact me directly or just send in a donation. The plants, animals and humans will thank you. 

Gracias a la vida, Nelson (808) 987-2731

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3 Responses to Santa Fe Update on “The Rights of Nature”

  1. Joana Gonçalves Pereira says:

    Nelson what a great and beautiful Idea and I hope you recieve the support you need for this fabulous project. I can’t wait to see the opera, please bring it to Portugal!!!
    i am reallyproud of what you are doing. The planet needs more people like you.
    light e beijinhos

  2. That’s Awesome, Nelson!! You have consistently shown such a passion for and commitment to sustaining a flourishing global environment & to creating fabulous music that is a reflection of the exquisite Beauty & Blessings found in Nature & the triumph of Human Spirit as we raise our Consciousness in Unity for a brighter, Healthier world. It’s only natural that this translates in such Dynamic Service to the Earth & the well being of her creatures through your projects. May the People & Powers of the Multiverse Support this Beautiful Mission in Abundance!!

  3. Elisha Southworth says:

    Hey Nelson! Here you are crossing my (cyber)path again, unexpectedly, after Santa Fe, the Island’s Kona side, Kohala, now Kona again….so you are still on Island, and thriving! So glad to see you continue to inspire this world with your multifaceted being, sounds, ideas, humor…..looking forward to sharing some sounds with you! Ahui hou! Elisha

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